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Painting buddha on wood

Painting buddha on wood

Photo: lukisan budha di dalam galeri pada waktu sunset

I will tell you about the moment in the gallery where the entire building is made of wood.

Location: Budhi Karya Gallery, Kopen, Jepara

sunset that day was very bright, in the gallery I saw various kinds of sculptures and paintings. they are like hiding behind a window without glass. some of the colors are covered in the shadow of the canopy highlighted by the sunset, and some of the colors that are exposed become shiny and alive.

I then took a photo of the Buddha painting in the corner of the room near the window without glass. and some people in the gallery just chat casually while enjoying the sunset and local Jepara coffee.

visionary art painting a painting on the wood of a former joglo house. Amazing acrylic on wood.

Penulis: zakaria aris

Editor: zakaria aris


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