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3D teak carving journey

Original part joglo house vintage

Often historic properties have idiosyncrasies that you wouldn’t expect to see in a modern property

So, today I am busy with some of the original ornaments of joglo houses that are hundreds of years old.

this was a bit difficult, because I had to duplicate the original ornament with new teak.

I have to enjoy this as part of the preservation of the Central Javanese traditional house (joglo house). and it may take 1 month to completed.

I hope you will be patient to wait for the results later. enjoy the process.

Instagram: @gale_songcraft

E-mail: craftgalesong@gmail.com


2 tanggapan untuk “3D teak carving journey”

  1. The individual pieces of wood with the carvings are beautiful

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    1. True, this is an important component of a joglo house. The carving realism is very delicate. All of this will be assembled into what is called tumpang sari. Tumpang sari is in the center of the inside of the house, its existence is very symbolic and sacred.

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