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Playing kites on the beach

playing kites on the beach. perfect summer. This is what I always miss when it’s summer in Jepara. I really don’t want to spend the summer just sitting in the house. It feels like I’m always busy with the stars at night and can’t wait to meet the morning sun, pull kites all day long on the beach, until I can’t see the end of the evening.

Jepara, 19 mei 2023

Writer : @gale_songcraft / instagram


17 tanggapan untuk “Playing kites on the beach”

  1. Loving the atmosphere this writing evokes! ❤

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

    1. I am really lucky to have that experience. Thank You

      Disukai oleh 1 orang

  2. My wife and I love flying our kite at beaches. We’re among the oldest people who do this. It’s fun!

    Disukai oleh 2 orang

  3. I saw kites on our beach. Thanks for sharing this idea. Anita

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

  4. Flying kites will always bring out the child in us.

    Disukai oleh 2 orang

    1. and they are the most excited 😄

      Disukai oleh 1 orang

  5. Lovely! I’ve never flown kites on the beach, it must be a special experience.

    Thanks for sharing ❤️

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

    1. I always wish there was free time to be able to fly kites on the beach. thank you for visiting my blog. songs


  6. kite flying is a great way to unwind!
    Nice to meet you 🙂

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

    1. I am also happy with your perception. It is true, if playing kites on the beach can make the mind happy. Thank you.

      Disukai oleh 1 orang

      1. it certainly makes me happy 🙂

        Disukai oleh 1 orang

      2. Thanks 🙏🏻

        Disukai oleh 1 orang

  7. That’s a pretty cool kite.

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

    1. Thank you. The boy with his own friend who made the kite. Cool 👌🏻

      Disukai oleh 1 orang

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